About Us, Goals, Purpose and Room Themes

The Staff of Community Preschool strives to see that your child...
    1.   Socializes with peers.
    2.   Develops a sense of trust with other adults.
    3.   Learns to belong and work together in a group.
    4.   Accepts separation from the family.
    5.   Learns to respect others and their belongings.
    6.   Learns to cooperate and share.
    7.   Learns to defend his rights through talking.
    8.   Develops a positive self-esteem.
    9.   Learns to control their emotions.
   10.  Challenges his imagination and be creative.
   11.  Develops motor control through activities.
   12.  Develops cognitive skills through the materials made available to them.
   13.  Meets the curriculum standards developed by the Ohio Department of Education
          for early childhood education.

Community Preschool has been established as a not-for-profit, non-denominational outreach to the community.  Community Preschool is based upon the effective and concrete approach of learning through play. All activities are age appropriate to the social, emotional and cognitive developmental levels of 3, 4 and 5 year old children. Provisions are made to expose each child to all content areas in the environment of the classroom.

A "hands on approach" in the learning environment allows the children to explore and learning by doing, as well as challenging the child to discover more on his or her own.  The teacher is the facilitator in the classroom and provides the child with the materials and settings to learn within a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

This safe, secure and nurturing environment will instill trust in the child in relation to other adults and to his/her peers.  Trust in others will enable the child to be secure with their own self and help them to build positive self-esteem.  It instills in them the willingness to take risks and take chances with new things.

Community Preschool is in operation five (5) days a week from September through May.  The 3 year old classes meet 2 or 3 sessions per week; there are two types of 4 year old classes, one that meets 3 sessions per week and one the meets 4 sessions per week.  Morning classes meet from 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.; the afternoon classes meet from 12:30 P.M. to 3:00 P.M.; and the Pre-K class meeting 4 sessions per week for 3 hours per session.

Room Themes:
  In this room, the child will be offered an opportunity to work with many different forms of art medium.  This will help with the development of creativity, eye-hand coordination and small motor development.  Your child may choose to or choose not to do the structured art lesson of the day.  No pressure is put on the child to do anything he/she may not feel comfortable doing.

STORY ROOM:  This room offers your child an opportunity to explore the world of literature.  A large assortment of books is available for your child to develop a love of books. Your child will be able to develop an imagination and a sense of self-expression.  They will also be available to find many puzzles and manipulatives that aid in the development of visual-spatial, small motor and cognitive skills.

PHYSICAL ROOM (NOISY):  This room assists in the development of your child's large motor skills through the use of riding toys, athletic equipment and a climber.  Musical, rhythmic and creative movement activities are also done in this room.  The children will go outside to help further their large motor development.  These activities establish a larger understanding of the child's body awareness and position in space.  Children need the opportunity to explore their environment through the large motor activities without the fear of competition.

PRETEND ROOM:  This room has a variety of activities for the child to explore. Large building toys are available to enhance large motor, perceptual and cooperation skills.  The housekeeping and dress-up corner enable the child to role play and develop their imagination.  It also provides many opportunities for your child to interact with peers.

SNACK ROOM (SOCIAL HALL):  The children eat their snack in the Social Hall every day. This offers them opportunities to socialize and eat with peers.  It gives them an opportunity to try new foods and gives the staff a chance to reinforce positive table manners and eating habits.  It also allows for social, casual conversation with their classmates and teacher.


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Preschoolers learning the art lesson for the day.
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Four year old's break for a mid-morning snack.
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Playing with Playdough in the Art Room
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Community Preschool's Under the Big Top theme decorations.
images of Community Preschool sidebar mask
Independent play in the Story Room