Licensing and Staff to Student Ratios

The Department of Job and Family Services issues a license for Community Preschool to operate.  The laws and the records of Community Preschool (health, building and fire) governing child care centers are available upon request.  The Department of Human Services toll free number is 1-800-282-1190. It may be used to report a suspected violation by the center. According to the license, we are able to serve 50 children at one time.  The license is posted in Room 2. Community Preschool prides itself on small class sizes.  For the 3 and 4 year old classes, we try to limit the class size to 10 children.  The Pre-K is limited to 12 children.  There is a teacher and parent helper with the class.

Staff to Student Ratios:
The State of Ohio requires a minimum of a high school education to teach in a preschool program. All of our staff members are college graduates with degrees in education. The staff has also had many hours of continuing education.

The following is the state required ratios:

    1 : 12       Preschoolers (3 year to 4 year olds)
    1 : 14       Preschoolers (4 year olds until eligible for kindergarten)
    1 : 18
       Schoolagers  (eligible for school)

Community Preschool strives to provide a quality learning environment for all children therefore the following ratios are maintained at our school:

    1 : 10       3 year old classes
    1 : 10
      4 year old thru 5 year old classes
    1 : 12
       school age children (Pre-K)

Maximum group size is defined by the number of children in a group to one staff member.


images of Community Preschool sidebar mask
Community Preschool teachers work one-on-one with students.
images of Community Preschool sidebar mask
The 3 year olds start their day with show and tell in the story room.