Parent Involvement

Parent Relations:
Community Preschool maintains an open door policy to the facility.  A parent is allowed access to the school at anytime when the school is in session.  Just notify the staff of your presence.

Community Preschool does not discriminate in the enrollment of children because of race, color, religion, sex or origin.  Note that during the holidays, Christian and other beliefs will be discussed.

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held during the course of the year. Conferences for the 3 year olds are scheduled once during the year.  The 4 year old and Pre-K classes have conferences twice a year.  Conferencing gives the teachers and parents the opportunity to exchange information about the child so that the child can develop to his/her potential, both at home and at school.

If you as a parent feel a conference is needed before the scheduled times, please do not hesitate to call and set up a meeting.

Every effort is made to keep the line of communication open between the preschool personnel and the families we serve.  The bulletin boards are full of information about the program and upcoming events.  Be sure to check these boards daily for information and items/materials that may be needed.  Please share all information with other parents if you carpool together. 

Each month newsletters and calendars are distributed to each class member. These inform you of the topics and concepts that will be covered during the month as well as requests for items that may be needed for upcoming projects.  Please read these bulletins/calendars and post them in a prominent place in your home for easy reference.

Parents may become more involved with Community Preschool by volunteering to share their talents and careers when the children discuss units on community helpers and job choices.  Parents are also asked at Orientation Night to sign up to organize one of the holiday parties that we have during the year.  The holiday parties are:  Halloween, Winter, Valentine's Day and Spring.

If parents have any concerns or questions at any time it is recommended that the following chain of command be used until an answer or solution is found:

       1.  Child's teacher     2. Director      3. Ombudsman

Community Preschool has parent ombudsmen who will serve as mediators in the case of any grievances or conflicts that may arise. If you do not feel comfortable approaching the teacher or director, contact one of the ombudsmen. Names and phone numbers will be given at orientation.

Parent Helpers:
Parent involvement is very important for the success of our program and your children.  It gives you a chance to see, firsthand, your child in his school environment as well as watching him interact with his peers.  You are also an extra pair of hands in assisting with the children and their activities during the course of the day.

The teachers assign parent helpers several months ahead of time.  If a conflict arises, it is the parent's responsibility to find another parent to switch days with them.  REMEMBER, Dads and grandparents are always welcome as helpers.  A non-conviction statement must be signed prior to being a helper.

It is important that we have a helper in the classroom everyday for the entire time the class is in session.

On you helper day, it is your child's SPECIAL DAY.  Since he/she will want much of your attention that day, we ask that you DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD'S SIBLINGS with you when you are parent helper.

Parent helpers are asked to bring a nutritious snack with milk, water or 100% juice. Please provide a snack that is from one of the main food groups. Sugar snacks are only permitted at birthday and holiday celebrations. If a sugar snack is brought at any other time, it will not be distributed. Community Preschool will substitute a healthy snack.  Be creative, however!

Check your class calendars to see if you can incorporate a snack with a topic being discussed. Napkins and cups are provided at school.

The following items have been determined to be choking hazards for 3 year olds and should not be brought for snack:

  • Hot dogs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Chunks of meat or cheese
  • Whole Grapes
  • Popcorn
  • Raisins

Birthdays are very special days. You may bring in a PARTY TREAT for that day. The day on which your child's birthday will be celebrated is marked with an asterisk (*) on the parent helper list. Don't worry, Summer birthdays will be celebrated during the school year.


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Preschoolers and their parents listen to their new teacher during orientation.
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Community Preschool teachers work together with parents to provide the best for the students.
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Pre K students working on letter sounds.
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Community Preschool parents help set up snack each day for the students.
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Preschool students enjoying a snack.